Jun 05, 2023

Amazon’s best space heaters available to buy now

Shop these space heaters, available on Amazon.

Space heaters are a great way to stay warm as the weather cools. And whether you’re just looking to bring a little more coziness to your feet or you need to heat an entire room, there is an option for every type of space, need and budget.

These portable heaters can heat up your space in minutes and many are designed to be energy efficient as well as space conscious.

A space heater works by warming a particular portion of a room, a small-sized space, or a medium-sized area. One of the best thing about them is that they are compact and lightweight so you can easily transport them to any preferred destination. These are perfect for travel. However, they use electricity to operate and will require a power source.

Keep scrolling to see some of the most recommended - and best reviewed - space heaters available on Amazon today.

1. Warm up in seconds with this powerful 1500W powerful ceramic Syvio Space Heater. This heater is for a large room with 2 modes - low and high - which is friendly to the environment and saves more energy. $84.99

Rave review: The Syvio Space heater is impressive! It’s slimline profile fits anywhere and the handle on top of the unit makes it easily transportable from room-to-room.

2. This 1500W Electric Indoor Portable Space Heather with Thermostat is currently 40% off. The advanced PTC ceramic heating technology combined with the ultra-efficient fan will heat up any space faster and distribute the heat more evenly. $23.99 (for a limited time)

Rave review: I rarely do reviews on items, but this one had to be done. This little guy is amazing!!! I was actually shocked at how much heat it puts out.

3. The Atomi Smart 25″ WiFi Portable Tower Space Heater can be controlled from your phone at any time. This is the first ETL-certified smart heater to pass safety tests with its premium built-in features including: a tip-over safety switch, overheat protection, cool-touch housing, and carry handle. $119

Rave review: I absolutely love the smart functionality of this heater. I have it connected to my google home, and when I’m out and and expecting my room to be cold, I can then it on remotely anywhere.

4. Powered by an energy efficient ceramic heating element this Lasko Oscillating Ceramic Portable Space Heater has 2 quiet heat settings, High (1500W) and Low (900W). The optional widespread oscillation helps evenly disperse warmth to quickly eliminate cold spots in your home, apartment, garage, basement or any room up to 300 sq. ft. $49.99

Rave review: This handy little heater comes right out of the box ready to use. The directions are easy to understand and within minutes you’re warming up your room. It doesn’t get in the way because it’s small yet mighty!

5. Designed to reflect a classic retro style, this Airmate Electric Fireplace Heater is stable, solid and keeps you comfortably warm. Quartz tubing makes this efficient electric fireplace heater run at a noise level as low as 40dB, quiet and comfortable to use at home with no disturbance. $219.99

Rave review: Really does a nice job of heating up our bedroom and sets up such a cozy atmosphere. Awesome size and safety factors. Easy to move around. Wonderful to sit and read a book beside it without fear of burning myself. It automatically shuts off if it is tipped over!

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