Jul 19, 2023

Reabulun Electric Lunch Box Food Heater review

This electric lunch box is a crowd-pleasing product that quickly reheats food from your home, office (makeshift or not), car, truck or anywhere else you happen to be when you’re ready for a bite. Perfect for anyone looking for a hot meal on the go — without having to pay a premium for ordering in or adding the extra fat, sugar and salt from fast-food takeout — it’s also a perfect accessory for busy parents on the run and even your picky-eating kids. The Reabulun Electric Lunch Box even comes with a removable container for food you want to keep cool, plus a fork, a spoon and an insulated carry bag. Oh, and its price is less than $25.

The Reabulun Electric Lunch Box not only makes taking your meals on the go even easier, but it also allows you to eat what you want, when you want — and save some cash while you’re at it

I fall into a lot of the above categories. I’m the mom of a toddler whose social schedule seems to get busier by the day, plus I’m a freelancer who keeps unconventional hours and works from anywhere. While I certainly have days when I’m prioritizing my son’s meals over my own, I also know how important it is to fuel myself in a way that will ensure I’m the best version of myself, both personally and professionally. And honestly, I’ve never been a big sandwich person. I much prefer reheated leftovers for lunch over something I could toss together and eat at room temperature.

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The Electric Lunch Box supports both my goals and my preferences at the same time. If my schedule dictates that I won’t be home at lunchtime, I can still take my preferred leftovers and I don’t have to settle for eating them cold, nor do I have to spend money on a hot takeout lunch. The 1.5-liter inner container is quite large, large enough to hold a hearty portion of a main dish and then nestle the 0.45-liter removable container inside. There’s even a hidden compartment in the lid of the lunch box for a fork, spoon or both, so it’s also environmentally friendly. Plus, it comes with power cords for both a standard outlet and for a car or truck so I can reheat whenever my stomach starts rumbling.

The first time I used the Electric Lunch Box in a standard outlet, my food, which was cold to start, was hot enough to eat after 15 minutes. Sure, that’s not as fast as a microwave, but knowing you don’t need to have one around for hot food is a definite game changer.

Whether in home or work life, everyone is looking for flexibility these days. Flexibility to be where you want to be and eat what you want to eat — on your own terms. The portable Electric Lunch Box offers the ultimate flexibility when it comes to nourishing yourself and your family the way you want. What’s more, the ability to enjoy a hot lunch anywhere, anytime, can help save you money you may have spent on lunch on days when something cold just wasn’t going to cut it. Plus, you can (try) to eat healthier on the run, which is always a plus.

And even if you’re not in the mood for something hot, the lunch box is large enough to hold a sandwich or hearty salad and secure and leakproof enough to keep it fresh until you’re ready to munch.

Lunch is an afterthought for a lot of busy people. Especially in the midst of morning chaos, it’s easier to throw a few (likely unsatisfying) snacks into a bag than it is to meal prep or pack a lunch daily. But with the Electric Lunch Box, every possibility is open to you. You’re neither limited by the inability to eat it hot nor by the capacity or construction of the vessel.

And the best part? You get these endless possibilities for a price less than $25.