Aug 20, 2023

Virginia Task Force 2 readies for tropical storm, flooding hits Hampton Roads

NORFOLK, Va. — Tropical storm Idalia is projected to become a major hurricane before hitting Florida.

Nearly a hundred members of Virginia Task Force Two are heading to Florida to assist crews that are already there.

A News 3 crew met with Task Force members before they left. Many of the members were packing their bags, preparing for the trip.

"We are going down there for search and rescue. After the event has happened, hopefully it doesn’t impact the area," Craig Brown, a Task Force leader said. "But if it does, we are there to help victims impacted by the storm."

The tropical storm has not hit Hampton Roads, but many areas saw heavy flooding Monday.

At the intersection of Boush Street and West Olney, flooding was inches deep. Some cars braved the water and drove through, and quite a few cars were stranded.


"I was just on with AAA, and they say they don’t tow due to flooding," Charles Mott, a driver, said as his car was stranded.

Mott, an Uber driver, was stranded for hours. Good Samaritans helped him push his car to a safe place.

News 3's Leondra Head caught up with another driver whose car stalled earlier in the day.

"I made a left turn and I couldn’t go anymore," LaTonya Snow said. "It caught off twice. There’s water in my car."

Snow said she is no longer able to drive her car.

Norfolk Public Works said they plan to add ten additional pump stations to help mitigate flooding. Their spokesperson said the pumps help get water out of the streets and back into the waterways.

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