Jul 23, 2023

Valeo starts series production of HV heater for e

Valeo has started the series production of its new high-voltage heating unit ‘Thermo HV’ for electric buses. This is intended to act as an additional electric heater to the heat pump system as soon as there is a higher heating requirement at low outside temperatures.

Valeo’s thermal systems are meeting with increasing demand in the course of the eMobility ramp-up. The supplier’s portfolio includes air conditioning systems, heat pumps and battery cooling systems. In the passenger car segment, customers and partners include Stellantis and TotalEnergies. Especially for the bus segment, Valeo is now adding a new HV heater to its range. Also new is the all-electric rooftop air conditioner called REVO-E HP R744.

Valeo describes the stepless regulation of its HV heater via an integrated control unit as innovative. “This is done either by regulating the water outlet temperature or by limiting the maximum heating power or power consumption. With this function, the Thermo HV high-voltage heater can be actively integrated into the vehicle’s battery management system and the overall efficiency of the system can be increased,” according to a statement we received via email.

The new product operates in the voltage range from 600 to 875 volts and provides a heating output of 12 kW. In addition, according to the manufacturer, it is CAN-capable and transmits operating data to the vehicle system via an intelligent diagnostic function. Series production of the ‘Thermo HV’ started on schedule in July, a Valeo spokesperson told electrive upon request.

Meanwhile, Valeo has recently expanded its range of air conditioning systems with the ‘REVO-E HP R744’ air conditioning system. The system cools or heats the interior of e-buses and uses a compact heat pump and the refrigerant R744 as its core. “The chemical properties of this refrigerant and the specially developed control system allow it to be used in ambient temperatures from -20° to +58°C,” Valeo informs. According to Valeo, the electronic control system includes a holistic thermal management with its own application software, which always operates the system at the optimal operating point.

The supplier emphasises the compact design of the system and a high level of compatibility through analogue interfaces to its REVO Classic system. This makes the system a “plug & play” unit that can be delivered to customers pre-filled on request, the statement adds.

“The rapidly growing market share of electrically powered buses has significant implications for vehicle development and powertrain-related systems, including heating and air conditioning. Innovative and efficient HVAC (heating, ventilation, air conditioning) systems for buses are needed to make the most efficient use of the limited electrical energy available from the traction batteries. Valeo is a world leader in reducing CO2 emissions and also in air-conditioning systems for buses and coaches,” concludes the quote from the company’s headquarters.

Source: Info via email.

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