Aug 06, 2023

Lehigh Valley convention draws electric fan enthusiasts

In Northampton County, an extremely cool event for fans — of fans.

An electric fan convention was held Saturday in Northampton at the Alliance Fire Hall.
 The 12th annual Lehigh Valley Fan Meet involves the international Antique Fan Collectors Association.

The regional event drew people from as far away as Maine, Florida, Texas and California.

We spoke with Robbie Lawrence of the Antique Fan Collectors' board of directors.
 Lawrence explains how people develop a passion for collecting fans. 
His own collection is up to around 350.

"You have, especially among the younger crowd, they like the spinny-spinny kind of aspect of it. For a lot of the older folks, they like to take things apart and work on the mechanics of the motors and they like how everything is set up from that standpoint. So there is a lot of diversity in terms of age," Lawrence said.

Today's convention included everything from desk and box fans to ceiling and pedestal fans.

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