Aug 01, 2023

Efficiency Vermont issues report on ways to save money on energy.

A new analysis by Efficiency Vermont shows just how much Vermonters spend on energy, and explains how much they can save by replacing inefficient appliances, weatherizing their homes and ditching their gas-powered vehicles for electric ones.

The 2023 Energy Burden Report found that one out of every $10 Vermonters spend goes to energy, with the biggest chunk of that − 45% − spent on transportation. Another 35% goes to heating homes, and the final 20% is spent on electricity.

The average Vermont household spends more than $7,000 on energy each year, which breaks down, according to the percentages, to more than $3,200 annually on transportation fuels, more than $2,400 annually on "thermal energy" to heat homes, and about $1,400 annually for electricity.

An appendix on page 23 of the report includes a table that runs the numbers on reducing the energy costs for a household of median income, living in a baseline Vermont home. The median income in a household with two earners in Vermont is $86,394, according to the U.S. Census Bureau, while the median price of a home is $310,000, according to the Vermont Housing Finance Agency.

The biggest lifetime savings on energy costs comes from "comprehensive weatherization" of your home, according to the report, saving you $11,680 overall at a rate of $467 annually. Switching from a gas-powered vehicle to a new electric vehicle will save you $835 annually, for a total of $6,683 in lifetime savings.

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Here are a few more actions you can take and the savings in energy costs that will result:

Efficiency Vermont was created by the state of Vermont in 1999 as the nation's first energy efficiency utility, and works with various partners to help Vermont transition to more affordable, low-carbon energy use through education and incentives.

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